love poems

Yesterday the sky was blue
Had beautiful from a view
Dancing along with fireflies
But morning said goodbyes.

Today all season are same
Empty roads! Why only I am?
Something missing within a day
One side rain! Why other side dry?

Today got a fragrant of air
Still the prayers are disappear
Soul spokes through breathing
Have everything but nothing.

Tomorrow only blossom and blossom
Hope will make me awesome
Just waiting a changing of cloud
Once again I will loud.


Take Care!

Stay home means stay safe” - this is the situation now days and one sentence for everyone! No choice! We have to follow it if you want to protect yourself from covid19. But it would be different meaning if you love your family that it should be means “stay home means stay close with family”.

Now we got a chance to serve to closest people who are staying with us. But not everyone got a chance to stay with family on this pandemic situation because some of them work at out of city; some for studies and some for other reason.  I am one of them. I am from Tripura but live in Pune for study. I too like to serve my family on this pandemic situation but I can’t because all transport system had closed and this time travel would not safe too. But I have saluted our technology systems it makes me realize that I am also closed to my family through it. As a family member I have been some responsibilities to take care of my closet person like to remind them to wash their hands regularly, to wear mask when go out, keep social distance with others and eat which are boosting our immunity systems. Like These I have served them through phone.   
Sometime I feel very lonely when I see around other families. And imagine that if I would be there at my hometown so it might be great time for my life. I would serve them happily and give them what they needs. Then I leave my imagination by thinking that I will serve them in future and pray to God to protect them.
One more things that we have to take care all the people who are around us even they are not your family too because the earth is look like a house who are live in they are all our family members. And try to serve them as we can. Keep believe on God and sing together-
          We shall overcome, we shall overcome
               We shall overcome, some day
             Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe
                We shall overcome, some day.     
                                  Thank you
                                                                                      -Prantosh debbarma


nature poem

We don’t want to leave from here
Every day we have scared to bite
We are not crying like a baby dear!
But we have cried all Night.

We don’t have words to say nothing
Unable to express for everything
We know the reality of us
Why we are not serious in discuss?

We don’t know where we will!
No one asked because no one sees
May we okay? Just feels the thrill
But someday we will be freeze.

We don’t see a straight face
Everyone sad! For the fact of depart
We are favorites! Impossible to replace
But we are prison in heart.

I do Banned!

Do believe! do believe!
I have no relieve
Thinking my night I do banned!
I shall ruining by someone dreaming.

Never unite! never unite!
I can’t sleep at night
Thinking my eyes I do banned!
I shall ruining by someone seeing. 

Don’t love! don’t love!
I will die for love
Thinking my hope I do banned!
 I shall ruining by someone hating.

Not a psycho! not a psycho!
I heard some echo
Thinking my ears I do banned!
I shall ruining by someone calling.

Waste for waiting! waste for waiting!
I am standing for dating
Thinking my legs I do banned!
 I shall ruining by someone meeting.

Only rain! only rain!
I feel unknown pain
Thinking my drop I do banned!
I shall ruining by someone crying. 

Skip is a part of Life

autobiographical poem

Try to understand the word of shape
Silent gives a mature of experience
Don’t wasted a time for a dog’s tail
Will get nothing from an empty basket.

Think! Before clap with them
Otherwise! Nightmare comes at night
Remember! Mad never become mad
Ready to hear! A band of word.

Leave like a Son of marry
Stay with who are agree
 Unbelievers always make a doubt
Will never get a bond of blood.

Boundaries are making by hurt
Choose carefully the mouth of companies
Don’t pulled the wise from a fool
Will treat like air without feel.

Conversation makes a noisy
Looks cow only eat a grass
Keep in memory a couple of face
Will never trouble a way of life.


Have You Forgotten?

Day become Night;
Dark become Bright;
Fruit become Wine;
Have you forgotten to become mine?

Mother gives Child;
Hungry gives Wild;
Painter gives Art;
Have you forgotten to give heart?

Star love Moon;
Kids love Cartoon;
Muslim love Veal;
Have you forgotten to know real?

 River meets Sea;
Locker meets Key;
Hope meets Goal;
Have you forgotten to meet with soul?

Bee makes Honey;
Joke makes Funny;
White makes Dove;
Have you forgotten to make love?


Letter To Future Love

romantic poetry

Page is empty on your name
When will play a life of game?
Please! Knock without inform
Here I’m ready to perform.

Lots of word within a heart
Try to listening a song of depart
You don’t know a pain of secret
I will love without regret.

If say I’m not that person
Will you accept like a Sun?
Crying a hope for tomorrow
Lonely soul! Take me borrow.

Impossible leaf without tree
I’m river! You’re my sea
Make it real from a dream
I’m culprit! You’re supreme.

 Never sleep from a weekend
Without you! Life will end
Want to stay on your eyes
I’m waiting for your replies.



Yesterday the sky was blue Had beautiful from a view Dancing along with fireflies But morning said goodbyes. Today all ...